Valery Ostalep: "Ion Cheban has most of all chances to break the wall between people and common sense"

Valery Ostalep: "Ion Cheban has most of all chances to break the wall between people and common sense"
The political scientist, expert, former vice-minister of foreign affairs of Moldova Valeriu Ostalep has posted a publication in the social network in which he sets out his vision of the forthcoming early elections in Chisinau, which will take place this Sunday, May 20.

"I have my personal civil account for illegal construction and destruction of parks, trees and the city as a whole. Everything that has been up to now proves to me that the mayoralty and courts was simply an instrument for legalizing the city's unlimited destruction. My level of faith in these structures is zero. I applied with legal, evidentiary documents. No results. This is wrong when the mayoralty is not an ally of the townspeople, but an enemy. I do not believe anyone and nothing from this structure today. A wall. There's no one to talk to. Therefore, I objectively cannot ignore the volume of direct contacts with people that Ion Cheban has conducted. I know what it's like to listen to people's indignation and problems. And this is the most complicated form of the campaign. The fact that he chose direct communication as a basis, I really like. I do not know who will win. But for me, most of all chances to break this wall (today's system in the mayoralty) between people and common sense are from Ion Cheban. If he wins, I sincerely hope that he will not forget everything he listened to, and, in particular, stop the destruction of parks, all these illegal construction projects, and development of the city will depend on the interests of the residents. For this, he has all the qualities. Good luck, Ion Cheban," wrote the political scientist.

Опубликовано: 11:49 18/05/2018

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