BREAKING! Harunzhen resigned from the post of Prosecutor General

BREAKING! Harunzhen resigned from the post of Prosecutor General
Today, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova, Edward Harunzhen, resigned.

Based on the statement on his dismissal, the Head of State Igor Dodon signed a decree on his release from office. Igor Dodon stressed that, given the importance of ensuring the functioning of the Prosecutor General's Office in the interests of citizens, it is necessary that the new leadership of this department is elected as soon as possible and in strict accordance with the law.

I believe that the new prosecutor general must possess the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, have experience in the prosecution institutions work, be incorruptible and able to restore the image of the department, ensuring, through the rule of law, investigation of numerous iniquities, including those that took place in the past. Only such a candidate nominated by the Supreme Council of Prosecutors will be approved by the President of the Republic of Moldova for the post of Prosecutor General”, he stressed.

The decree on the resignation of Edward Harunzhen from the post of prosecutor general takes effect from the moment of his signing.

Опубликовано: 12:29 11/07/2019

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