President urges government to suspend ANRE scandalous decision

The President commented on the decision of the National Agency for Energy Regulation of the Republic of Moldova to raise the electricity tariff.

The Head of State recalled that the Agency’s Governing Body was appointed by the Democratic Party before the parliamentary elections. At the same time, he noted, if initially ANRE reported that it was considering an option to increase the tariff for electricity distributed by Gas Natural Fenosa by 3.2%, then subsequently, according to the decision, the increase was almost doubled.

Thus, it becomes clear that this increase is not justified by accurate and justified calculations, but represents an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country on the political order of the past government. In these conditions, I recommend that the government take the measures provided by law to suspend the irresponsible and unreasonable decision of the ANRE. The agency, which acts regardless of the political factor and ensure the process of regulation of the energy market in strict accordance with the current legislation and adopted methodology, is trying to transfer the entire burden of the irresponsible and populist power of the "democrats" to the shoulders of ordinary citizens and the country's economy. Acting in accordance with the PDM election tasks, last year ANRE unjustifiably revised tariffs for natural gas and electricity, laying a time bomb under the country's energy system.

Although the enterprises of this sector at the beginning of the year sent requests to the ANRE to return to the tariff calculation methodology, its leadership appointed by the Democratic Party chose to delay the decision, further complicating the situation
”, the President emphasized.

In this regard, next week I will put forward a legislative initiative to amend the Law on Social Assistance so that the coefficient of the minimum guaranteed monthly income is increased to compensate the heating season expenses. This will provide such assistance to a greater number of citizens in a difficult situation. At the same time, government decree No. 1167 needs to be reviewed to increase compensation in the heating season. In the near future I will continue discussions with the leadership of the Russian Federation to receive discounts on the Russian gas imported into our country. With this aim, in early September I’ll go on a working visit to Moscow,” the Head of State summed up.

Опубликовано: 15:58 17/08/2019

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