The CC confirmed that the election of the Chair was lawful

The Constitutional Court of Moldova confirmed that the election of the Chairman was held in accordance with the law.

The corresponding verdict was issued in connection with the appeal of Judge Domnica Manole to revise the decision adopted on the election of Vladimir Tsurcan as chair of the Constitutional Court. The court examined this appeal and ruled that there were no grounds for reviewing the earlier decision. As noted in the verdict of the Constitutional Court, Judge Manole motivated her demand by doubting the veracity and impartiality of the vote because of statements circulated in the media by one of the judges, Lyuba Shova, that she allegedly received a message with a clear indication for whom she needed to vote.

The latter clarified that she received such a message, but did not read it before the vote, but only after that. Thus, Lyuba Shova confirmed that no one influenced her voice. At the same time, Shova noted that she believed that the result of the vote was fair and lawful. In addition, she added that she in no way casted doubt on the organization of this procedure.

In view of the foregoing, the Court held that, in terms of period, Judge Lyuba Shova could not be pressured. The fact that Shova stated that she voted for herself was taken into account as well. Moreover, the results of the vote were attached to the minutes of the CC meeting of August 19, which was signed by each member of the Court. According to this document, Judge Lyuba Shova got two votes, and Judge Vladimir Tsurcan - four. Other persons, except judges, did not participate in the voting procedure, and therefore any so-called falsification of the vote for the chair of the Constitutional Court was excluded, which was confirmed by all six judges. Thus, the election of the Chair of the Constitutional Court was recognized as absolutely legal.

Опубликовано: 09:35 21/08/2019

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