The Parliament approved establishment of a high-level Strategic Cooperation Council between Moldova and Turkey

Parliament of Moldova ratified the Joint Statement on the Establishment of a High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey.

According to the document, the government of the Republic of Moldova and the President of Turkey will be co-chairs of the council. The Council will develop a strategy for the development of relations in the political, military, economic, trade, energy, transport, agricultural, security, tourism, healthcare, culture, science and humanitarian sphere, reports.

Meetings of the Council will be held at least once every two years, alternately in the Republic of Moldova and Turkey. A joint strategic planning group will be created within the framework of the Council, and the foreign ministers of the two countries will co-chair it.

It is worth noting that diplomatic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey were established on February 3, 1992.

Опубликовано: 12:26 05/12/2019

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