The President initiated two bills for social protection of the population

Today, Igor Dodon submitted to parliament two draft laws in the field of social protection of the population as a legislative initiative.

These projects, along with the initiative on indexing pensions twice a year, adopted in the first reading, are included in the package of social initiatives of the President of the country aimed at increasing the level of social protection of pensioners and people with the lowest incomes.

The first bill, in particular, provides for amendments to the Law "On Social Assistance", increasing the number of potential recipients of assistance by the state in the heating season, by about 50 thousand people. In this part, the increasing coefficient of the minimum guaranteed monthly income will be increased from 1.95 to 2.2.

The second bill aims to guarantee a minimum period of five years to receive a pension after reaching the age limit. Thus, in the event of the premature death of the recipient of this type of pension, the spouse will receive a monthly allowance in the amount of the pension upon reaching the maximum age before expiration of the five-year period from the moment the recipient received it.

Publicat: 13:44 11/09/2019

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